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Richard Golding

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Jake Mee

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Tim Harris

International Festival Glass 2012

I maintain both hot glass studios for Ruskin Glass House College
I was tasked to monitor the gas bottles over the festival.

One tent area on the car park had my Stourbridge Lion Glass Blowing (steam loco with flags) and one of my studio glass furnace combos
(This Combo comprises a 9” gloryhole incorporating a 10kg trough pot glass crucible and a lehr that uses the waste gasses from the gloryhole)

The 2nd & 3rd tented areas were the Al Fresco Glassblowing a 4 day event, have a go glass blowing was done by KT Yun and prototype furnace – built by Ian Hankey (Plymouth College of Art)


Stourbridge Lion Glass Blowing

My Studio glass furnace combo.  1 x 47kg lpg lasts 9 days = 4.7kg pd = 23.5kg pw = 1222kg py @£1.5pkg = £1.833.00 py


International Festival Glass Ian Hankey

The furnace above was built by Ian Hankey and students on the Affordable??? Furnace Building master class.  
1st day it burned 2 x 47kg bottles of LPG gas
 1 x 47kg per day= 47kg pd = 329kg pw = 17.108kg py @£1.5 = £25.662.00 py


International Festival Glass KT yun

The KT Yun furnace above   1 x 47kg 2 days = 23.5kg pd = 117.5kg pw = 6110kg py @£1.5 = £9.165.00 py

If you construct a gloryhole out of a steel drum!! what you have actually made is a very effecive RADIATOR


Did you do the Maths?


To melt hot glass yearly     -      1 year write of unit cost
Unit cost
Year 1
Year 2
Ian Hankey £400? £25.662.00 £26.062.00 £25.662.00 £25.662.00
KT Yun - glassgenie £6.000.00 £9.165.00 £15.165.00 £9.165.00 £9.165.00
Studio Glass Combo £9.000.00 £1.833.00 £10.833.00 £1.833.00 £1.833.00

No Hankey Pankey

Studio Glass Furnace Combo actually does the MAGIC - it includes annealing FREE