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 Having invented with Colin my colleague the Fluxgate magnetometer, a sensitive electronic instrument that detects magnetic forces / flux, I needed to find a way to produce easily and cheaply accurate pictures of Magnetic flux,
(Not a guess from a small sample or assessments with iron fillings). Because we had had some surprising results on a project.

  Well I am fairly good with the basic Computer i.e the BBC machines and of course the printers, "THAT’S IT" use an old printer. I had an old large printer that was ideal, the paper feed was from the back and a magnet arrangement was placed on the paper so when the printer moved up one line the magnet moved one line. It had a heavy and strong print head. I fixed an arm to this and the Fluxgate probe to that. The rest was a matter of BASIC programming


TAB the print head to move to

Tab(1) and the computer to take a reading from the

probe, tab(2) read probe tab(3) read probe. Up to

tab(40) then move paper up one line (this moves magnet on a line).

SAMPLE LINE 2 and so on up to SAMPLE LINE 40.

You have now taken 1600 samples

precisely at the individual character positions.  My BBC

computer was fed via the input port a varying voltage

from the Fluxgate electronics between 0 and 1.5v and it stored

dependent on that voltage a number between 0 and 65520.

Now you have to get the computer to change

these large numbers into single digits otherwise your

printout will look like  garbage, simply divide by 7280

and take only the first decimal point. This gives a scale

of 1 to 9.   With some more simple mathematical

equations this can be enhanced


Then get the computer to print out the readings taken



In order to prove my theory that air being drawn

into a common fan inlet is not completely round this being

connected with my cyclone experiments, I needed to see

a photograph of the air movement and or pressures at

the inlet of a fan when working.  IF you haven’t already

heard it I have penned an extra phrase.

“Necessity may well be the mother of invention but poverty is the farther of adaption”

Being a poor inventor,  I looked around for something to adapt.

I had available the Fluxgate magnetometer , I

also had an old instrument that used a small diaphragm so

all I needed was something to very accurately move a

petotube in a cubed grid in front of a working fan.


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