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The Dyson vacuum cleaner was first promoted with a downright lie.

No bag = 100% suction & efficiency


A bag is a filter that collects all particulates and the fines clog up the pores and restrict the airflow, Dyson replaced the 300 sq in. bag with two inline much smaller 20 sq in. filters.

“The Kings New clothes”

In my opinion the bag is more efficient, cleaner and easier and the bag cost less to buy and RUN



CAN‘T BE 100%




I should not call this an invention even though I have done a lot of work and development on it.

It's probably better to call it a concept

It started because I had spent 15 years fitting duct, filters and cyclones in factories and as is usually the case, I thought I could do better. I knew that cyclones weren‘t that efficient and were now being phased out in favour of cloth filters because with the advent of cheap composite boards it was no longer acceptable to have 15 to 20% of now toxic fines venting to atmosphere. It would be more cost effective to dispose of the cyclone altogether and make large filter bags big enough to take large particles like wood shavings as well as the fine saw dust. I reasoned that a crude centrifugal pre-separator made from a cheap standard 45gal drum would allow for a much slimmer cloth filter in a smaller housing and might be better overall. I knew that centrifugal separation depended on the air speed attained in a cylinder and I also knew that conventional cyclones depended in part on the cone shape to increase the speed and make them economically separate out around 90 to 93% in a high efficiency one.
YOU can possibly understand my surprise and disbelief when I got 98% in my configuration with a standard 45gal drum. Not possible, I‘ve done something wrong. But now I know it is possible the tests are absolutely correct, because I understand the HOW and WHY logically. Manufacturers did not want to know unless it was proved to be 100% efficient on particles of .1 of a micron.

Based on the results never before seen in such a crude prototype I pinpointed the only possible reason why 100% is not attained. Tests have been done on the point mentioned and I have the results from the tests that suggest that 100% is attainable BUT it's beyond my financial capabilities. If you want to know more you will have to CONTACT ME