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This is an update - as of 3rd June 2013 Trevor Baylis is Broke

             BUT Trevor Baylis Brands plc is still operating VP? 



No Bullshit” advice is DO NOT BELIEVE


Trevor Baylis (clockwork radio)

or anyone else who states the same wrong advice!


“If you have an idea, keep it secret and go to a patent agent


Our open instruction to Trevor, The Media, and Everyone: - Please preach: -

If you have an idea, keep it secret and

"Join and Frequent a TIF Inventor CLUB FIRST”

“I used to like Trevor because he started off by meaning well.” But Now as TBB he is bad news for Inventors .


The media MUST stop wheeling him out time and time again as the voice of all Inventors,

 HE IS NOT and Trevor was preaching a DAMAGING message when he stated

(BBC WatchDog & Many other TV & Radio progs)


There Is MORE - Today 29/11/2007 - Trevor SINGS A DIFFERENT SONG

Trevor Baylis (clockwork radio)

"I tried to change him back but he would not listen! Anyone who knows him or has tried to talk to Trevor will understand it’s almost impossible to tell him anything because he never stops talking/lecturing."

"Pissed on his own importance is one comment I have had said to me"

Trevor Baylis as of 29/11/07 is still A ONE HIT media WONDER, he has NOT got a patent on "The ClockWork Radio". His patent is for the Baygen Generator. Trevor Baylis (Inventor) had a patent publication date: 1999-06-29 on " Spring operated current generator for supplying controlled electric current to a load"

A wind up radio was on sale WORLD WIDE in 1983 by a German.

1Turny Radio

It is small and has a long lasting NiCad rechargeable battery and solar cells for the small cost of £14.

The Baylis radio is large, heavy, and tiring to wind, the one I got cost me £64.


even another crap invention.

He is now taking unfair advantage of his position and is involved in Trevor Baylis Brands (TBB) Trevor admitted to me in 2004 that from a FREE half page ad in a broadsheet they can get 1000 inventors each paying £100 and 95% are CRAP and Trevor said to me "we let them down easy, we had 4000 one year".

4000 x £100 = £400,000.00 nice work?


Today 29/11/2007 - HE SINGS A DIFFERENT SONG

From his website

"Thanks for visiting my website! If you've got a great idea, why not see if my team of specialists can help turn it into a commercial success?

We will look at your idea and if we can, we will help you to protect it and get it to market. Register now and I'll email you my FREE Inventor Pack to start the ball rolling."

The cost of having your invention evaluated by TBB has gone UP, now on the website there are 3 ways to part you from your money

STANDARD £149 - PREMIER £349 - PREMIER Plus £599 

That's how a TBB director can take £100,000,00 p.a. salary, I suppose they also get expenses as well?

What you are actually doing when you enter into his/their Non-Disclosure Agreement is giving them a 3 month licence to exploit your unprotected intellectual property and you pay them to do it. DO YOUR OWN SEARCHES FIRST download word doc PatentSearchAdvice

Also on the site it states "Fifteen years ago, our President, Trevor Baylis OBE, developed"
"The world's first wind-up radio"
THIS IS A wind-up Because it is a LIE - To me this is ALL a wind-up, 
TBB = Talking Bullshit Baylis 


"Take my advice" IF you have an idea, keep it secret and go

"Join and Frequent a TIF Inventor CLUB FIRST”

it's a lot cheaper than TBB - OR

DO as FireTrace Dave states "If you have a good idea in the bath! - Hold your head under the water until it goes away"

Link To FireTrace Dave