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One to One’s are not the best thing and in fact they can be VERY destructive.

ESPECIALLY with someone who may have a vested interest or a possible hidden agenda.

However - InventingToday actively encourages 1 to 10+

(Like any enlightened TIF Inventor groups)


Birmingham Inventors & BlackCountry Inventors Clubs

operate in a boardroom setting in that the monthly meetings take place with all members present participating in forthright constructive criticism or adulation of any one tabled subject.

This facilitates knowledge transfer in that each comment is heard by all members present.

Brainstorming Think tank meetings work



Most, if not ALL, establishments that purport to be able to help you at no cost or no initial cost to you, will first be helping themselves in one way or another. For example Business Link type organisations, Innovation Hubs, Universities etc ALL get funding from Government or EC funding etc, some specifically to help Inventors. (Where do you think this money comes from?). They spend vast amounts of money on NEW state of the art offices and other equipment. Yes, they sometimes get some money for people or give so-called FREE help, like now a day’s FREE rapid prototyping is the flavour (normally taking a great deal of your time). It is accepted that the work they do (whether crap or otherwise) does justify their paid job and helps get more funding next time.

They are able to justify their existence with your name on their list and every leaflet, letter, visit or phone call to you, is LOGGED because each one and all time spent is money in the bank for them.

BUT the staff get well paid and some get VERY well paid for the endless off-site meetings, business lunches and of course the greatest amount goes on expenses i.e. we now know - MPs small salary of £43,000 is peanuts compared to the £120,000 expenses!