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Patent Agents are a commercial profit-making BUSINESS.

If they told you your Invention was “no good, go away” they would make little or NO money!

“You would not believe them anyway and would probably go elsewhere and waste more money”

Some Patent Agents go even further and offer a FREE ½ hr one to one


A patent costs MONEY and it can be LOTS of money, especially when done through a Patent Agent from the start.

A patent agent will do all he can to get you a patent and invariably he will get it for you.

If they don’t get you one they get little or no money. They will also get you a patent on CRAP.

Good Patent Agents must be used (Sometimes) BUT only at the right time


Quite literally a patent is the last thing you want.
If you are sure it will be of use ie. because you cannot, will not or are not able to manufacture and market your invention yourself and you must licence or sell the patent - then

File a patent application, "but" ONLY a day or two before the first of three meetings "I suggest you have" arranged with the three different firms, persons etc. so that when they all one by one take their time to evaluate your “invention” you do NOT run out of time.

Even then there are things you can do. For instance, if you have filed a patent application you can abandon it just before your FREE 12 months are up, and then! file it again at no cost, and if others try to rip you off wait for them to bring a product into the market and then stop them when you allow yours to be published.


Your “Invention” may actually be BETTER protected WITHOUT a patent

If it is at all possible or attainable


The very best protection is a secret.

It can cost nothing. It could last forever. It is difficult or impossible to copy. NO PAPERWORK

*   *   *   *

Join and frequent a TIF Inventors CLUB FIRST for real, hands on experienced, free help

After joining and frequenting a club you should KNOW the pitfalls and the safer way to proceed.




In fact I would say the patent system is yet another one of your Enemies.

SO READ all this website and get to know ALL your ENEMIES before engaging any!



The staff at the Patent Offices do their best within the system but the system is CRAP.

Let us suppose you file for a crap invention

The staff will help you get the formalities of your crap patent application right


They are not allowed to say it has NO commercial worth or it will not work.

The patent system will happily take your money and keep taking it for the 21years if you're that stupid!.


They only provide evidence (your patent number) that you lodged something with them on a particular date.

They charge you fees and never guarantee your patent will be of ANY use to you and they may give you a patent on CRAP.

Your patent is only as strong a protection as you are in enforcing it.

Think about it, if someone tries to enforce a crap patent the Patent office just withdraw it and you have no redress.

*   *   *   *

Join and frequent an Inventors Club FIRST for real, hands on experienced, free help

*   *   *   *

To obtain a patent you are MADE to disclose in precise detail how it works

And until your patent is published you have no rights AT ALL

(An unpublished patent application CANNOT be infringed)

*   *   *   *

Join and frequent an Inventors CLUB FIRST for real, hands on experienced, free help

*   *   *   *

When patents are published anyone can then get a copy of your patent, and you have told them exactly how you make it. Patent titles are now published on the Internet and large companies employ Patent Agents to check these weekly to see if any product conflicts or would be competition with their own.   They can then obtain a full copy of the published patent to see if they can circumvent it

You should also be aware that once it is on the Internet it is world-wide and you will get loads of Spam mail from Patent Agents, Patent Attorneys and others all over the world so BEWARE.

A patent runs for 21 years max, and is NOT protection anyway

(You have to know/find out and instigate proceedings if your patent is infringed AND YOU pay the full costs)


If after frequenting an Inventors club you need to file for a patent - I Recommend

John Aston for real hands-on help on patents,

John will (if he can fit you in) write patent applications and file at low cost - £250.

He will also get you a patent on CRAP


 But John is the best chance I have found and he is a nice guy who knows it all.

Don’t be afraid to ask him if your invention is any good.

John can do this because: - No costly office or frills.



download word doc John's FREE PatentSearchAdvice

Unfortunately his last paragraph is to GUIDE one into using his services.

Have a go at searching yourself, if you do find something you can consider forgetting your "INVENTION" saving you money

*   *   *   *

also John Badger Birmingham Inventors 0121 382 5143

I know little about JB at the moment but he comes recommended by others I trust.

More like John Aston & John Badger -- Please!


Important * Important * Important * Important * Important * Important * Important *

Your patent application is a valuable secret and (Before it is published) you are entitled to be paid for sight of its contents

Be aware that some of THE BIG BOYS will TRY or even insist that you show them your patent application. THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED to see it for free and may only want to study it to find a way around it anyway.

Your job, when you go to the big boys for whatever reason, is to convince them that your invention will not make them lose money but it will make them money and is the only way to fulfill the market need you have identified.

Your intellectual property is identifying the need/marketplace as well as your patented means of doing it.

Your patent is ONLY the means and PROBABLY is NOT the only means to do the job.

 THEY could be capable of making something to do the same job. It may cost more to make or be somewhat inferior in some other way but the only thing they would want to be certain of is that it would not infringe your patent.  IF they don’t know your patent wording, it’s more difficult for them to create their own derivative.

At this stage you could negotiate a non-returnable fee as well as a confidentiality agreement that should state something like :-
“In the event that a licensing agreement is not entered into THEY undertake NOT to manufacture or sell or be party to any product based on or similar to your patent”
Take legal advice on the words because it depends on your invention, but the object is to have ammunition to stop them stealing your intellectual property.
Also minimum royalties are a must.