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Basic Advice. 


don’t give ANY money to ANYONE until you
Join The Inventors Fellowship (TIFUK) TIF

Free to Join No fees EVER - www.TIFUK.com -Help us to help you for FREE


Join and frequent a TIF Inventor club.

If ther is NO club near you then start one - TIF will help and TIF will be instigating clusters of inventors identified in any area of the UK to start clubs

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Find the gap in the market


Be sure there is a market in the gap

Do your extensive market research first.


There are already a number of clubs out there some good and some not so good.

Clubs MUST be for "protected Invention propagations" NOT "Pick your own cherry orchards"

You can find other clubs from many places on the Internet

Ideas21 is a good place to start.



Birmingham Inventors


20 years old

£20 per year - OK

It works well and is well attended

BlackCountry Inventors


12 years old

£20 per year – OK

This used to be a great club when run by Len & Lorna the instigators,

BUT is now just an old man's tea and biscuits evening! With few attendees, Things will change

Institute of Patentees and Inventors


I am TOLD it is the oldest inventors club

£75? per year – expensive and needs revitalising

Some good advice on this website but in my opinion it costs too much to join

Ideas21 London – Last Tuesday Club


4 years old

£35 per year – OK

£15 - £20 per meeting –Costly but you choose

Meetings supply a good talk/lecture BUT are mainly an excuse for the following booze up.

OK one can network 1to1, but meetings I have attended were cramped and noisy.

A very good and informative web site, regular emails

Watch out - VPs are allowed to attend.

Ideas21 Manchester – 2nd Tuesday Club

2 years old

£35? per year – OK

£15 - £20 per meeting –Costly

As above - Meetings supply a good talk/lecture BUT are mainly an excuse for the following booze up

OK - one can probably network a little.

Isle of Wight Round Table of Inventors


6 years old

£20 per year – OK

No Knowledge as yet

Wessex Round Table of inventors


? Years old

£20 per year – OK.

RIP - David Nicholas 9/8/1933 - 17/12/2004

David was a moving force at this club,

Unfortunately he is no longer with us and will be very much missed.



Meets once a month £5 per meeting = £60 py

£60py is about the max I would say is OK

It is a very pro-active (but young) club, great if they can keep it up


Is a brilliant initiative and I have been allowed to be part of it.

Please GIVE your FULL support to this project.


Rural Inventors Club

Plaistow West Sussex

Graham Rawlinson

01403 871159

No knowledge of this Club (if it is a club for inventors)






See funding




British Inventions Society


Not officially launched until Jan 2005

I had great hopes that the BIS would change a lot of the bad things for the better.

BUT it’s done nothing in the last 12 months and worse: -

The BIS may be more BULLSHIT.

Lots of self praise many hidden agendas

I am still trying to get it to do what it professes to be doing.



I went and had a look and Yes there is some GOOD advice on HIS pages BUT being suspicious of anyone DEMANDING trust I sent an email asking if he was a VULTURE PREDATOR. He replied with a telephonenumber, so I phoned him and the impression I got was that he uses this way to find investors for his own projects.