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BioLecTracer powers EasyECG system
BioLecTracer is a CE marked Class 1 Medical Device
The Easy and Affordable way to Take and View your ECG

Your Actual Heart Trace on your Computer anytime and, with a laptop anywhere and no nudity to do it.

Anyone can quickly understand the EasyECG trace.

When shown a normal EasyECG - 95% were then able to point out major heart conditions including LongQT.


It is common to be dismissed by your doctor when professing you have irregular heart episodes

“because they never happen while being tested”

With EasyECG you can record them at home and show the traces to the doctor.

Monitoring with EasyECG will better the chances of identifying potential heart problems,

EasyECG also allows implementation of Biofeedback techniques

It's ideal if you have risks of rhythm and conduction disturbance and need periodic monitoring during normal daily activities.

Take action Because found early, most conditions are treatable.

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BioLecTracer (BLT for short) is the new innovative, passive, non-invasive, harmless, and consistent way of recording the electricity generated by the heart and EasyECG software displays a diagnostic image on your computer screen in real time.

Invented / Developed / Designed and Manufactured by Mr Robert Merlyn Farwell 
PIElectronics (Pioneering Inventions & Electronics)
Camalot Castle Parkfield Road Stourbridge DY8 1HD. UK