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Definitions - Abbreviations

EasyECG - easy to remember link to BioLecTracer.

EcgIsEasy- easy to remember link to BioLecTracer as sold by our major online agent.

BioLecTracer (BLT) - BioLecOlogy(BLO)
Bio is short for Biology (the body)
Lec is short for Electricity
Ology is the dictionary definition for "The study of"
BioLecOlogy therefore is "the study of the electricity of the body"
BioLecTrace therefore is "the trace of the electricity of the body"
BLO - BioLecOlogy
BL - BioLec
T - Trace or Tracer
BLT - BioLecTrace or BioLecTracer
BLH - BioLecHardware
BLS - BioLecSoftware
ECG - ElectroCardioGraph
EKG - ElectroKardioGraph

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