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AnimalECG - ZooECG

Practical BioLecTracer Technology

The Easiest way to Take and View Animal ECGs

Anyone can quickly take and understand the trace.

Use AnimalECG to instantly view animal Biolectricity of the heart.
The Hardware is the new innovative, passive, non-invasive, harmless, and consistent way of recording the electricity generated by the heart and Computer Software displays a diagnostic image on your computer screen in real time.





Invented / Developed / Designed and Manufactured byMr Robert Merlyn Farwell 

PIElectronics (Pioneering Inventions & Electronics)

Camalot Castle Parkfield Road Stourbridge DY8 1HD. UK

Shortness of breath, exercise intolerance, collapsing, chest pain, dizziness, vomiting, cough, fatigue, paralysis, enlarged heart, heart murmur  and diagnosis  such as  mycordial infarction , sinus arrhytmia , bradycardia , asystole.. have the same frightening meaning for both human and our loved pets ; HEART DISEAES !

Early detection of the heart problems is a key for prevention, it allows time for a more efficient treatment, correction in the lifestyle to avoid or delay more serious tragedy.

Why most of the Vets agrees in the value of the ecg screening of the animals only a few could afford in the past to have an access to a onsite ecg facility let alone doubt and inexperience of the right interpretation of the recording.

With EasyECG all vets or surgeons can afford to have animal ecg in their practice.

Easy to use

Ddiagnose cardiac abnormalities with animals. It is a PC-based intelligent ECG system


Thanks to West Midlands Safari Park