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BioLecTracer the AnimalECG


Until now! The only way to see a resemblance of an animals heart beating was by carrying out a time consuming and expensive Electrocardiograph (ECG / EKG). In many cases the animal had to be anaesthetised and or invariably stressed.

BioLecTracer is a pioneering invention that uses the same principles
to deliver an affordable and easy to use and (more importantly) to understand system.
BioLecTracer records the heart beating in a unique way and comprises of a small robust portable unit incorporating sophisticated electronics to record the electricity generated by the heart
and computer software to display a diagnostic image.

The trace is taken by getting the front feet into a saline solution.
With a little ingenuity this can be achieved on any fully awake, unaware and unstressed animal.
See Trace Taking

All muscles of the body generate polarised electricity as they expand and contract!
Generated Voltage is directly proportional to strength and amount of muscle movement!
Polarity is dependent on direction!
When a subject is motionless the only muscle in use is the heart!
The standard ECG procedure requires 10 Electrodes to be placed in positions on the partly naked body
and electrical potentials are taken at each point.
Complicated inconsistent algorithms are then employed to give a Direct Diagnosis of vital physiological processes.
Expensive ECG machines are normally found only in hospitals, therefore an ECG will only be done if a problem is suspected and never as a matter of routine in preventive medicine.
ECG machines are notorious for their inconsistency to each other. It is also accepted that two different cardiologists can manually measure and give a different QT interval on the same ECG trace.

Read more about ECG problems at

BioLecTracer (BLT)

The relative low cost of the unit can be drastically reduced
if you intend to instigate clinical trials that will quantify or benefit in promoting BioLec and or PIElectronics
Email your contact details including Telephone Number using this link ONLY



BLT is an:- Active device intended for recording, processing and viewing diagnostic images.
Rule12 Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC
Battery operated 2 x PP3 not included
PIElectronics is a MDA/MHRA registerd medical devices manufacture CA(000079)
EN60601-1 and the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.        BioLecTracer is Class 1 Medical Device
Certificate of Electrical Safety for Biolecology Devices SGS United Kingdom Ltd.DUR24591/Amd/C/AC/02



BioLecHardware may be affected by electromagnetic interference. Also other electrical equipment in the close vicinity may be affected by BioLecHardware. If such effects are suspected either switch off the offending equipment or increase the distance between the affected equipment and that suspected of causing the interference.

Invented / Developed / Designed /Manufactured by

Mr Robert Merlyn Farwell 
PIElectronics (Pioneering Inventions & Electronics)
Camalot Castle Parkfield Road Stourbridge DY8 1HD. UK




Thanks to West Midlands Safari Park