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The Stourbridge Lion Mobile Hot Glass Blowing Demonstrations


The Stourbridge Lion steam locomotive was the first to be operated in the United States,

It takes its name from the lion's face painted on the front,

and manufactured in Stourbridge by Foster & Rastrickin in England 1829.

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The Stourbridge Lion Loco is a unique mobile hot glass blowing studio, available for education, demonstrations and special events.

Glass blowing is an art form that involves melting glass to high temperatures 1050 C to gather and form the molten glass into different creations,

We can demonstrate and teach the basics, together with the history of the Historical Stourbridge Lion Steam Loco anywhere that suits you.


We Had

A Bostin Day Out

Bostin Merlyn London Eye

Cruising the River Thames on 4th June 2012

The FIRST EVER time hot glass was melted and hand blown on The River Thames

I Mad / Eccentric Inventor Prof. Robert Merlyn Farwell 65 blew one clear and one red white and blue glass sphere while cruising on the River Thames. In later videos I and PROPER glass artists had a play and made more stuff.

Namely :
Richard Golding
Vic Bamforth
Ian Bamforth
Jake Mee
Kayleigh Young
Charlotte Clark
Anona Wyi www.

A bostin Day Out - - - - - - - - - Ruthlessly Edited




Video 01-First Glass melted and blown on the Thames



Video -02 -Merlyn - Abondoned in Greenwich


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