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BEWARE Sacha Christofer Smier

This is to log Robert Merlyn Farwell’s encounter with

Sacha Christofer Smier  @ Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018.

Sacha 41 was living in a Tent - homeless – Busking for change – Begging!
I attempted to HELP – I spent much time and some money finding out he is a silly little BUGGER and MAY have some Mental and or Drink problem as well as THE admitted Drug problem. He did not get as much money out of me as he hoped and his mad aggressive side was shown, he sent an abusive criminal text to me and made an untrue allegation to the police I was completely absolved from ALL allegations and asked if I wanted to press charges against Sacha.

I gave to Sacha
£185 Actual Cash
£39 for Vaping equipment
77 Baubles were taken - value £385 @ £5 each
Plus I spent about £50 on food & Drink for him
Total around £ 659


This is the text in full - he sent to my mobile as seen by PC E357 Michael Swift St Lenards Police station and his Colleague.


"You are a bullshit artist. I also 100% You’re a pedophile. You cant run. Calling cops now. Your disgusting. Your lesbian daughter is wonderful. Fuck you dirty horrible person…shame on you old coward poof!"



This is a statement of fact and recollections of what happened and is started when back home today 19/8/2018 and completed and uploaded to a secure webpage on 20 Aug 2018 1448hrs. Some mods 23/8/2018.

Made OPEN 25/8/18


My wife Margaret 78 year old & disabled and I Robert Merlyn Farwell 71&3/4 travelled to Edinburgh in a small X Tokio airport red Suzuki Carry Fire Truck, Towing a custom made trailer to "Singe the Fringe" with Mobile Hot GlassBlowing from 3rd to 17th Aug 2018 to promote the energy efficient units I have developed (see and /startglassblowing), We knew it was going to be a loss maker but it was on our bucket list. Having spent 6 days and five nights in a guest house just ouside the city and driving in to work my licenced stance "Behind Parliament’s back,"my wife travelled home by train on Tue 7th. I then intended to man and do the demos and sales myself for the remaining 10days or pack up and go home early if I felt like it. I think the next day Wed 8th about 1100hrs a guy I now know is Sacha Christofer Zayed stopped and made comments praising the setup. Talking to him I explained the reasons I was there and he told me he was busking and living in a tent and the tent was wet and he was very cold at night. He asked if there was a chance of a cup of coffee I said maybe tomorrow morning if he was passing, as I was organising things to be at the trailer and not in a costly guest house. He came the next day and had coffee and we chatted and he "said" it was difficult busking and tips were few. I said it was the same with me, a bit slow because everyone seemed to be on a mission to get to other places and not many people were stopping to see what I was doing. I suggested I would pay him £40 to busk around me all day tomorow and he could put out his collection blanket and keep any tips. He accepted and turned up the next day and firstly asked for £10 to get some cigarettes after my standard lecture on vaping instead. I reluctantly I gave him the money, he fetched the cigarettes and started playing. After about 3 Hrs and having heard and seen me give some demos / shows gathering hot molten glass and making baubles and flowers, he started calling and enticing folks to watch or come back on the hr every hr 10 till 4 (as on my signage). I must say it did work somewhat and because I was doing a show he started to take the money and bag the baubles and flowers. I was a little concerned but kept an eye in him. I paid him the remaining £30 cash and extended the offer to the next day but explained that I was there to promote the combos NOT baubles & flowers.( Combos are Complete small compact glassmaking units starting price £5.5k.) He accepted and we talked, he said “after seeing what you do and how you do it and what you tell your audience, It must be what I am intended to be, a glassmaker, an artist - a calling, or words to that effect" I said “if you have the equipment, given time, you can with little training make products, dependent on your ability, the problem is selling the product” He then said something like "I am a highly trained salesman, used to selling and training many staff under my control etc etc” (I thougt it was probably bullshit). Anyway the next day he turned up late at around 1130hrs stating he had taken the opportunity with the money I paid him to pay for a hostel for the night and to do some washing. He did no busking and started hard selling it was not what "WE" do. I AGAIN explained - I was there to promote the combos NOT to hard sell baubles & flowers. He complied a little, then he started offering deals, My price is £5 a bauble or flower with the ability to knock a little off for small product. But he started offering 5 for £20 etc -with a little pressure his deal was taken once or twice . I was somewhat annoyed and made it clear in no uncertain terms, I am very blunt and to the point and I could not allow him to continue, I paid him the full £40 even though he had not done a full day and sent him on his way on Friday 10th.

For your information I am not a diplomat and state it as it is, I have no religion IF I believe in anything its "Mother Nature" and Darwins Theory of Evolution & Natural Selection and mankind should NOT interfere.

On Sunday 12th, he turned up asking to leave a bag of wet clothing under the trailer as it had rained overnight I said NO I wanted no more to do with him. First thing Monday morning when getting some glass cullet out of a box I had at the back of the trailer I found Sacha had ignored me and left the soggy bag of clothes. I felt a little concerned! I sent him a text asking him to come back to the trailer to play in the trailer for me while I made baubles for 1hr for which I would pay £20 between 1400hrs & 1500hrs, I suggested this so I could see if indeed he could play and also to get to know some of his background to judge if he was worth helping. I have helped a number in the past and I have also made a bad judgement or two to my cost. I told Sacha of one experience when a tenant in one of our 3 bedsits stole from my workshop and sold some of my tools to the local Cash Converters and then had the nerve to borrow a corkscrew to open the bottle of wine he had bought with the proceeds. He was unaware he had been captured on CCTV carrying out the burglary and I called the Police and he was arrested.
Anyway Sacha came and played and I paid him the £20. I went on to quizzing him and he stated many things boasting of £100,000 deals he and his brother were involved in together with his involvement in an Cash-APP ?, he went on about his office in Glasgow and his parents on Arran and glassblowing would go down well there as there was a redundant garage etc. I asked in no uncertain terms about his sexual oeientation and any drug problems. He was taken aback with the sex question and said infectively said NO but admitted he had in the past done cannabis. I went on to tell him I unfortunately had a daughter who got into drugs Via a boyfriend ending up in prison who "I disowned" She is now in her early 40s. I also have another daughter in her late forties who proports to be a lesbian although she has children. I stated "I don’t know you from Adam and I need some sort of proof "if" as I had suggested, he could leave his belongings in the truck and work with me on the stance 10 till 5 and busk the evenings for the rest of the week but only on the condition that he worked under MY direction for no pay but food etc would be supplied. He could then travel back with back with me and stay in an empty bedsit I had available in our property £1pw for bedsit £1pw for training furnace,(I would supply food etc,) and teach him to blow glass with a possibility of me giving him work to go towards buying a combo etc. I said he could possibly find an evening job or busk and earn more to go towards a unit. He showed me his passport, I said in order to progress I would need a photo copy and other things like contact numbers for his parents and brother. I then informed him That I had that morning taken his bag of soggy clothing to be service washed at my cost of £9.60 and we could now collect it, he was taken aback at the cost and suggested he take more of his dirty clothes and he could barter a cheap wash & dry, I paid a further £6? for that and while we waited we went for food! again I paid. The cafe was also a fringe venue and it was noted a show "How to be alone" seemed to be appropriate for the next evening.

He turned up the next day again late 1100hrs, NO photocopy of passport but we did the rest of the day’s shows.

Cutting the story very short -He let me photo copy the passport and I have the phone numbers but I have not spoken in depth to them. He bit by bit changed the deal he would stay to end of fringe take all remaining bauble stock and a little money, busk at the Meadows and use product to make money to go towards a unit. He still wanted me to pay train fare on 3rd Sep and THEN on my last licenced day (Friday) he went back to his old ways of selling, he was badgering people "£5 a bauble 3 for £10" he would shout etc he had taken only £50 in total by 1545hrs when I forcibly made him stop so as I could do my LAST show MY WAY and enjoy. I took £15 more and did anohter show to someone from my local area Worcester. Sacha, as agreed, helped me to pack away for my journey home.
He also packed up the remaining baubles for himself to take - some 77 totalling a sale price of £385 @ £5 each. With only a little left to pack we went and took his big bag of baubles to a flat! for storage and went for food (Fish & Chips) returning and parking just up the road from my stance outside Tesco.
When finished I gave him the full days takings of £65 and he went berserk shouting in a loud aggressive voice “I expected at least £200”.

I started to drive off stating “ I am going to drop you off at a police station. He started swearing effing and blinding, so I stopped. He got out and I drove back to the stance. quickly packed up then hitched up the trailer and went fearing what he might do. It was around 2100hrs when some 10miles out I parked up to sleep in readiness for the long journey home. I then got a text Noting it was from Sacha, I only read the first 2 lines and ignored the rest of the rant and went to sleep around 2300hrs. I was awoken at about 0115hrs by my phone I was someone purporting to be the Police wanting to know my location. I refused, believing that maybe Sacha was capable of persuading a friend to find out where I was and coming after me. The voice on the end of the phone was insistent and I suggested I would travel to a Police Station which I did and was interviewed by PC Michael Swift Collar Number E357 and a colleague. I gave them the full account and showed them the malicious text from Sacha.. They checked me out, they viewed my CRB and believed everything. (Not surprising as I don’t tell lies - I am who and what I am). I stated then “ I know it is an offence For Sacha to send malicious electronic mail but did not wont to press charges, But now

I have taken time to put it all down in writing I may, on reflection, and after reading the text in full today 20/8/2012 - change my mind as the deal was he would sell MY baubles to fund a combo unit whereby

HE Sacha Christofer Zayed has taken with intent to deprive.

Sacha had of me

£185 Actual Cash

£39 for Vaping equipment

77 Baubles value £385 @ £5 each

Plus about £50 food & Drink

Total around £ 659


The text he sent in full as seen by PC 357 and Colleague.

"You are a bullshit artist. I also 100% You’re a pedophile. You cant run. Calling cops now. Your disgusting. Your lesbian daughter is wonderful. Fuck you dirty horrible person…shame on you old coward poof!"

I contend the above statement of fact and recollections to be TRUE to the best of my belief.

Robert Merlyn Farwell

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