EC Declaration of Conformity     

We               PIElectronics – Studio Glass Furnaces
Of                1 Parkfield Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY8 1HD
Tel 01384 374829 -  -
As the manufacturer Hereby declare that:
Equipment:= Custom Built Energy Efficient High/Low Fire Glory Hole
Ident  DMU-CB-HLFGH . 001                  Date 04052016
Ref your Order Number P227755_1
Tec File.       DMU- CBEEHLFGH . 38x84  001  
Date  4th May 2016
Is in conformity with the applicable requirements of BS EN746-2 : 2010
Containing OEM components
4xBanico Class A solenoids  BS EN 161-2013
Caledonian-Control Technology Ltd  ignition & flame failure  - CE 0086
Jointing compound BS EN 751-2 Class A
I hereby declare that the equipment named above has been designed to comply with the relevant sections of the above referenced specifications.  The unit complies with all the applicable Essential Requirements of the Directives

Name:                    Robert Merlyn Farwell
Position:                Sole Prop.
On:              Date  


Stainless steel CE plate on the equipment.

     RUS-CB-HLFGH . 001                              04052016