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Glass Blowing Starter Kits

Hobby Glass Making Made EASY

 Hi my name is Merlyn Farwell I am "an inventor" see more here

After 10 years of prototypes, tests and experimenting, I am now setting up to mass produce

Hobby Glassmaking Setups FROM AS LITTLE AS £999.00

Complete Hobby Glassmaking Setup

The photo above was a prototype

Price includes small trough pot, furnace/gloryhole combination, blowing iron, bit iron. Combined jacks/gob shears/tweezers, and separate tongs

 Ideal start for bead makers & lamp workers - To Have a Go

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Career Glass Blowing Studio NOT Expensive to Setup and Run Any More


Career Glassmaking Setups FROM AS LITTLE AS £5.5k

Price includes trough pot, furnace/gloryhole/Lehr (annealing oven) combination,

4off blowing irons, 2off bit irons, Combined gob shears/tweezers, jacks, tongs


The all-important Gaffers Chair

In fact, everything you need to start your new business

This is a PRE-Production Prototype 


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Our mission, affordable start up, low running costs, low maintenance, ease of use.
We manufacture and sell, you buy the best equipment

Equipment can be produced that best suits what YOU need

Camalot Castle Parkfield Rd     Stourbridge DY8 1HD
Tell 01384 374829    -   Mob 07973 653612   

Have a go HANDS ON experience sessions from as little as £25 now available

Ring  Merlyn or Margaret   on 01384 374829