Advertised as a The FREE Fringe and punters do their best NOT to give to street theatre!!

We are back and what an experance offerd 98 free shows - did 4 extra but no audance for some - most for an audance of 2, I will soon take time to put it all down and explain.

Our ED fringe 2018

Breaking news - Venue corner Holyrood Gate & Holyrood Road

Back of the Scottish Parliament

Merlyn & Margaret  will be at the 71th Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018.

Fun, Funny, Entertaining HOT GlassBlowing Demonstration

A free 10min show on the hour every hour

from 1000hrs to 1600hrs 3th to 17th Aug 2018.



     My stance @ the FRINGE



Studio Glass Furnaces

Studio Glass Furnaces               We custom manufacture and sell worldwide, You buy the best glass_blowing_equipment.    

Energy Efficient Studio Glass Making Furnace, Kiln, GloryHole, Lehrs Combos, for Hobby or Career Glassblowing

Mr Robert Merlyn Farwell Camalot Castle 1 Parkfield Rd Stourbridge DY8 1HD
Tell 01384 374829    -   Mob 07973 653612    

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