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You will need to know your screen area!
To find out what you are using - Right click on your desktop - click Properties - click Settings and see what you Screen area is set at.
The most common and best for BioLecSoftware is 1024 by 768. If it is bigger that's OK.
If it's lower than 800 x 600 you will need to upgrade your computer or software to use BioLecTracer. Try moving the slider to the right if the numbers go bigger then click apply and then click OK. You may have to restart the computer. To Down Load and install BioLecTracer Software
The easiest way is to watch this 2min tutorial on downloading


I suggest you copy, past and print these instructions!

Click - BioLecTracer.zip BELOW
Save the zip file to your hard drive. “Remember where you put it”

Unzip the downloaded zip to the same directory!Move EasyECG.zip into the extracted !BioLecTracer folder.
Copy the whole Directory (!BioLecTracer) to your (C:) Drive
To do this
Right click on (!BioLecTracer)
Slide down and click (copy)
Right click your (C:) drive
Slide down and click paste
Or you can drag and drop!!!
Now navigate to (C:/ !BioLecTracer /Setup)
And double click (setup.exe Application)

Follow instructions on screen
Accepting the defaults
"Its very quick"

You will find a short cut in start \ programs
Thank you for obtaining this BioLec software.


If you need FREE ZIP software http://www.thefreesite.com/easyzip111.htm
Down Load BioLecTracer Manual in word doc.

Invented / Developed / Designed /Manufactured by Mr Robert Merlyn Farwell 
PIElectronics (Pioneering Inventions & Electronics)
Camalot Castle Parkfield Road Stourbridge DY8 1HD. UK