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Mr Robert Merlyn Farwell Camalot Castle 1 Parkfield Rd Stourbridge DY8 1HD
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down in the cave


We are 35 feet below ground level in solid sand stone rock,

A variety of tools were used to carve out the rock (I stopped short of dynamite) and found that a fault line running directly through the length of Camalot was very useful in giving a weak point to expand upon.

I had hoped to find some fossils or even a TYRANNOSAURUS REX  skeleton but the only thing found to date is the remains of a fire that must have been here for a very very long time.

We are directly under the bottom dungeon which is itself under the top dungeon, the useable lift travel ends here and if the lift is raised to the level of the bottom dungeon one can see the lift gear, the lift shaft rises up to the observatory some 85 feet.

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The cave proved to be a very important place to develop ColMer-tech for GECMarconi because it has vastly reduced background noise (if you are not scientifically minded you probably will NOT understand much of this) down here is where we used a helmholtz coil to prove we could measure as little as 100 microns on one turn of wire and with the aid of a video camera positioned in the minstrels pointing down PARKFIELD road feeding a monitor down here, we discovered that quantum physics applies to magnetic flux and that Colmer-tech was sensitive enough to see a car driving up the road above. The MOD have also looked at our technology but they have little or no intellect and say