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UP- Date  1/5/2018

Looking to get - JUST recognition and give the HOW to the WORLD.

I have the method and a working demo unit.

My thinking “I believe” is profound but unlike the debunked nuclear fusion in a test tube at room temp, - it works and could / can be made in any garden shed!

The outdated below is not quite right but is how it started.

The trick is HOW to use hho efficiently not how to produce it.

This is a work in progress

work in progress 13/4/2007 The DooLittle project The Friday the 13th group

Efficiently using HHO a Plentiful Free Non-polluting pre Fossil Fuel

The energy source is WATER. Water is Hydrogen + Oxygen + solar radiation / heat + friction + ?? = Water

Water = H2O.H2O is 2 Hydrogen & 1 Oxygen atom in its pre Fossil Fuel natural stable form.Electrolysis "splits" water into separate semi-unstable BUT highly explosive Atoms (Literally Rocket Fuel)

This is a common process but until now an expensive one!

I can demonstrate 116% production efficiency with my unique arrangements.

My Experiments confirm that to use this fuel efficiently one had to Re-design the internal combustion engine

“I have done it”

Calculations state MY DooLittle engine will be 95% efficient

This is now ready to be prototyped.


"Split" is NOT a good way to state what "one" is actualy doing!!!