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This is a work in progress

work in progress 13/4/2007 The DooLittle project The Friday the 13th group

Efficiently using HHO a Plentiful Free Non-polluting pre Fossil Fuel

The energy source is WATER. Water is Hydrogen + Oxygen + solar radiation / heat + friction + ?? = Water

Water = H2O.H2O is 2 Hydrogen & 1 Oxygen atom in its pre Fossil Fuel natural stable form.Electrolysis "splits" water into separate semi-unstable BUT highly explosive Atoms (Literally Rocket Fuel)

This is a common process but until now an expensive one!

I can demonstrate 116% production efficiency with my unique arrangements.

My Experiments confirm that to use this fuel efficiently one had to Re-design the internal combustion engine

“I have done it”

Calculations state MY DooLittle engine will be 95% efficient

This is now ready to be prototyped.


"Split" is NOT a good way to state what "one" is actualy doing!!!